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Before you Begin

There are two (2) important items you’ll need to note before submitting your Admin User Request to GBS: the PHI permissions requirement and the types of information accessible in each system.


GBS online administrative systems contain member Personal Health Information (PHI). In order for any individual to be  granted admin access to either of these systems they must have the appropriate PHI form permissions.

The GBS Systems

Below are descriptions of what member information is accessible in each GBS system.

Employer Portal

Provides access to all member demographic and claims information. This includes, but is not limited to, Social Security Numbers (SSNs), Dates of Birth (DOBs), addresses, Date(s) of Service (DOS), provider(s), service(s) performed, diagnoses, plan and member charges, and discounts.

Employer Portal w/ BenAdmin System

Provides access to the member information in the Employer Portal with the addition of employee salaries for all tiers of employees. This also includes dates of salary adjustments. Salary information is required on all ancillary products.

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